Active holidays – where to go to climbing places?

Active holidays – where to go to climbing places?

If you prefer an active holiday, then you are sure to think about where to go? Did you enjoy climbing and rock in general? Then you will definitely try various climbing places in the Czech Republic. If you feel that you are doing this hobby so much, you also want to try the rocks even abroad. Where to go for such an adventure?

Great climbing spots in Europe

If you want a bit of active holiday, where you can find other interesting places in Europe in addition to climbing, then read on. We bring you destinations and places where you can find great climbing sites and, in addition, you will find other pieces of European destinations. So where do you go?

Spain – Chulilla

This is an area that is one of Spain’s most desirable. Throughout the year, you will find almost sunny climate, which does not prevent the view from the surrounding villages. You will find up to eight hundred mountaineering trips here, so there is really something to choose from and your climbing soul finds its own.

Italy – Capo Noli

In Liguri, Italy, you will find the smaller town of Finale Ligure. In it you will find beautiful rocks that will love climbers of all kinds. Again you can enjoy a beautiful and breathtaking view of the surrounding area. You can also indulge in unspoilt climbing at the water level.

England – Portland

England has the beautiful English Portland island where you will find beautiful rocks. Stunning you with a unique character that really has very beautiful overhangs. If you’re a climbing beginner, then you like The Cuttings, which has several stony walls.

England – Dorset

We will stay in England for a while, in Dorset you can try so-called climbing over the water. Sports climbing will be something special, which you will surely enjoy.