Cities worth visiting

Cities worth visiting

Travel is very popular and many people go to just those popular and famous destinations. There are plenty of people visiting famous sights and the like. But there are plenty of places to go, even though they are not so well known.

Maybe even they are more magical, there are not so many tourists and there are so many picturesque places in the world worth visiting! So where can you go?

Poland – Wrocław

It is the historical capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia. It is the fourth largest Polish city and also one of the oldest Polish cities. He was born, for example, Ján Jessenius and is about sixty kilometers from the Czech border. Here you will find charming squares, gothic monasteries and churches, you can also find memorials and the huge Raclawice panorama.

Portugal – Tavira

It is one of the cities in the Portuguese region of Algavre, about three kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean coast. The origin of the city is not entirely clear, it is estimated the origin of the Neolithic. An important role played Tavira at the time of the overseas discovery, when it became the base of the harbor. Today the city lives mainly from tourism. You can visit Ponte Romana, a seven-arched bridge or Castelo, which is the place of today’s castle.

Nantes – France

The city of western France, located on Loire, is the capital of the Pays de la Loire region. You can walk through the historic part of Center-Ville, which lies on the right bank of the river. The main monuments include St-Pierre-et-Paul, the Duke of Chateau des Ducs de Bertagne.

Lübeck – Germany

The medieval center of this city, which lies in the north of Germany, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said that it is the city of seven towers that make up its silhouette. You can explore the beautiful town hall from the thirteenth century, visit the churches of Our Lady, Jakub, sv. Petra, St. John the Baptist.