Region of romance – Provence

Region of romance – Provence

Who would not know the romantic Provence? Who would not know at least photographs, lavender fields, beautiful landscapes, romantic streets of cities? The country style of home interiors in Provence has become an almost fashionable style in our country. Let’s take a look at the holiday and holiday season to see if it really is worth visiting this corner of our planet.

History of the country

The name of this country comes from the Latin province, since it was the first non-Roman province of the Romans. It is located in southeastern France and the roots of its settlement date back to the 4th century BC. when the native inhabitants of the Celts were colonized by the Romans. From the original center of Masse there has gradually become Marseille, the center of today’s Provence and one of the most popular cities in the world. Particularly, although Provence was and is part of France, it was spoken here by Provençal, very close to Catalan. At the beginning of the 20th century the French government developed intense efforts to replace regional languages ​​with French, which ultimately succeeded. Although Prossalan is currently taught in schools and universities, it is only used by seniors to communicate.

 Today Provence

Provence is a charming, romantic, touristically prosperous country. It offers tourists magnificent nature, mountains, rivers, cycling trails, romantic corners of historic towns. Enthusiasts of busy urban life will stay close to Marseille, others can choose among countless guesthouses, in quieter localities.

The Luberon Mountains

Between the quiet but immensely charming locality is the area located in the mountains called Little Luberon. It is dominated by three villages, called villages perchés, which means villages on a perch. It lies on top of this mountain range and is a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. The most beautiful view across Provence is reportedly in the village of Bonnieux, where we climb the special stairs to a 12th-century church and enjoy a view of the countryside intersecting the roads connecting the small towns to the streams bordered by small bridges, mills and other structures that breathe history of this region.

Writers, actors, directors

Thanks to an Englishman who is named Peter Mayle and who felt somewhat devastated by the stressful life of the English city, this area of ​​Provence was sought after by VIPs. Mr. Mayle visited Luberon, he fell in love with him, bought a house here and wrote books describing the charms of this region so appealing that not only he, but also this area, became famous. So here on the market, which is held in almost every town, you can meet, for example, the famous director Ridley Scott, the popular French presenter Claire Chazal, the world-renowned American actor John Malkowich. And other famous people have succumbed to the lure of this area of ​​Provence. Although they are famous, they can remain anonymous here and enjoy peace.

True, to buy a property, if you do not have a few million, you probably will not be here. But our ordinary mortals will be able to stay in a charming guest house, stroll through the romantic corners of the small towns, views of the fascinating landscape, excellent coffee in the cafe and wine anywhere. Neither do we have to meet Mr. Malkowich, Provence will leave us an unforgettable impression.