Suffered an accident abroad?

Suffered an accident abroad?

How do you make a claim if you have a holiday accident?

Thousands of us travel abroad both for work and for recreational purposes each year. With so much coming and going, there are bound to be accidents once in a while. Common though they may be, you can still claim compensation for accidents which happen to you while you are abroad.

Having an accident when you are abroad means that your claim will need to be made in the country the accident happened in. This means that the claim for compensation to cover your medical bills must be made according to the laws of this holiday. This will impact the outcome of your case in terms of maximum compensation amounts.

Fortunately, the government recognised that accidents on holiday were a constant issue for those travelling abroad. As such, they set up the 1992 Package Travel, Holiday, and Tour Regulation Act to compensate for these issues. These rules set out clear guidance on how you can make a claim when you have an accident in another country.

Types of Accident on Holiday

There are different kinds of accidents that can happen when you are on holiday. Some of these include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • on flooring which you were not aware was unsafe
  • Injuries caused by falling objects
  • Problems caused when you are riding on public transport
  • Medical mistakes causing further injury to you
  • whilst
  • abroad
  • Diseases caught due to unsanitary conditions
  • Food poisoning from a restaurant or from your hotel
  • Accidents which happen during holiday sporting activities
  • Accidents which happen when you are in a taxi or rental car
  • Accidents caused by defective equipment

If any of these accidents happened to you while you are travelling, you are just as entitled to claim for compensation as you would be at home.

Rental Car Accidents on Holiday

Of particular relevance are accidents caused in cars rented when you are on holiday. This is because they have certain rules attached. Every rental car in the EU is subject to EU monitoring which keeps all data regarding your vehicles in one spreadsheet. If there is, or was, a fault in the car which caused your accident, you can find the car and a note of its’ parts in this database and prove harm.

Travelling outside the EU

There are still things you can do to protect your claim for compensation when accidents happen to you on holiday outside of the EU. Even though you do not have the EU regulations to help you, we can still further your case. Take photographs of the scene of the accident, get the name and number of any witnesses, and make sure you attend the hospital to create an accurate record of events. All this will help further your case when you get home.

Seeking Claim Help for Holiday Accidents

You should not try to make a claim for a holiday accident by yourself. Our legal assistance can help you with accident claims that both happened within and without your package holiday. Accidents on holiday might happen due to staff negligence in a hotel, due to trips and falls poolside, or by hygiene services which are not performed. If the hotel is not clean or the pavement is not free from debris, you can easily hurt yourself and have grounds to make a claim. We can help you pursue justice for your injuries and help you get the compensation you deserve for an accident abroad.

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