Traveling New Zealand

Traveling New Zealand

I met an old friend and we talked about who was on vacation. True, I did not just take his vacation to the cottage below the hill, where the famous Jan Žižka built his castle, but he did. The story “I was perpendicular to New Zealand” really surprised me. Eventually it turned out that he did not solve a vertical or horizontal visit to this ever-exotic piece of the planet, but that New Zealand went on a bike. He spoke so excitedly that I was suing some interesting information to share with you.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a state in the southwest Pacific Ocean and consists of two major islands – the North and South and several other smaller islands. The original inhabitants were the Maorans, who are now only about 7% in New Zealand; most of the population is Europeans and immigrants.

The discovery of the New Zealand islands was revealed by the discoverer Abel Tasman in 1642 and the later famous traveler Brit James Cook. Not only thanks to them, but above all for the fertile soil, the mild climate and the gold reserves made by the then Great Britain from that country its province.

Today, New Zealand is a developed independent state, but England is still bound by strong economic and political links.

On bikes

On bicycles, almost all of Zealand can cycle through the nationwide cyclotractor network. New Zealanders are enthusiastic fans of mountain bikes and have come to meet a multi-million dollar financial injection to build an amazing world destination for cycling. The great thing about it is that everyone can choose what is close to his heart.

Great Rides

The 23 Great Rides routes offer less time-consuming day trips, or for busier cyclists – even for several days, traveling around 300km. These trails run either on old roads, others take the form of modern cycle paths that lead to a former impenetrable wilderness. Both variants offer breathtaking natural scenery that lets you forget the strained muscles. Enjoy views of the azure blue lakes, where you can refresh yourself in good weather and watch the mountain panorama.

The system of artificially built canals will not let the shades of water become jealous, and the system of hydroelectric power plants, which are part of one of the routes, have their charm. If you like watching stars, choose a route around the famous Mt. Observatory. John Observatory in Dark Sky Reserve and take advantage of the stars. a long bike ride can be enjoyed by sightseeing flights offered by Omarama. Those who are afraid of heights like me can wait for their sparing partner to the city hot springs, which are large vats located in the lovely grassy gardens.

In short, if you choose any route on New Zealand cycling trails, you can not walk alongside – it’s an unforgettable experience.


On the internet, you will find a number of agencies to provide accommodation, bike rental, and not just your luggage. Route you according to your physical abilities. Count on different surface quality, better to choose mountain bikes with very rough casing. Although most of the trails are smooth and flat, you do not “get” on a hilly and rough surface. Take a look at the weather forecast before heading out. Especially in the higher positions of the Alps it is changing and a snow shower could also get you.

Now, just a light but nutritious snack is enough and you can go on a journey through New Zealand!