Perfect recreation for the whole family

A walk to the zoo, a trip to the beach, a relaxing spa treatment, or a board game to play together? The list of ideas can be endless when planning a family activity. But here’s a real treat:

The escape room

If you’re looking for a fun and unusual activity, check out one of the best offline solutions for team games. A wide variety of escape rooms offer a great way of relaxing for almost all ages. Since players can form teams, different age groups can be paired together. So all members of the family can join in the adventure. You can think of it as a nice Sunday afternoon board game, only in an exciting location that makes the game special for everyone. Escape rooms are cooperative adventures for your family!

Team play or individual play?

Classic board games are in the vast majority of cases played for an individual goal that if one player is the first to achieve, they win. So it’s about the participants competing with each other during the entire game. Unfortunately, during the game, it can sometimes even happen that players disagree and even argue with each other.

Escape room tasks are based on close team cooperation. The best skills of each member are needed. They start together and if they fail to solve the puzzles cooperatively, they get stuck together in the process. They can only move forward if they can work together to find solutions. Then they will have shared success, which they will achieve together.

How family-friendly is an escape room?

Most people who have never been to one, and have only heard about it through hearsay and internet videos, are familiar with the classic scary escape rooms. A few years ago, they might have been. But nowadays, a myriad of themed and game-based places are being set up by expert owners. So there’s no need to think that escaping is all about unbridled horror scares. In most cases, this is not the case at all. Rather, a series of playful puzzles and riddles await young and old alike in a uniquely exciting location.

Age-Related Escape

There are also escape rooms where there are age limits for the type of game you can play. It usually depends on the difficulty or scariness of the tasks or the adult theme. Of course, these rooms are only open to those who have reached the age indicated.

However, most play areas are available for almost all ages. The games, even if easier, offer an exciting program for children aged over 10-12. Experience shows that children younger than this are less likely to be engaged. Of course, there are exceptions. It depends on the child’s temperament, skills, interests, and maturity. What can be said, however, is that often, when a group of adults is stuck on a task, the youngest children are the quickest to throw in the perfect solution. Therefore, it is useful to have a few children around if you want to play a successful game. That way, family success is guaranteed.

After all, escape rooms are truly family-friendly and offer a fun pastime for the whole family. If you’ve never tried them, it is worth scheduling one of these unusual board games. It’s guaranteed to be fun for everyone in the family.


Suffered an accident abroad?

How do you make a claim if you have a holiday accident?

Thousands of us travel abroad both for work and for recreational purposes each year. With so much coming and going, there are bound to be accidents once in a while. Common though they may be, you can still claim compensation for accidents which happen to you while you are abroad.

Having an accident when you are abroad means that your claim will need to be made in the country the accident happened in. This means that the claim for compensation to cover your medical bills must be made according to the laws of this holiday. This will impact the outcome of your case in terms of maximum compensation amounts.

Fortunately, the government recognised that accidents on holiday were a constant issue for those travelling abroad. As such, they set up the 1992 Package Travel, Holiday, and Tour Regulation Act to compensate for these issues. These rules set out clear guidance on how you can make a claim when you have an accident in another country.

Types of Accident on Holiday

There are different kinds of accidents that can happen when you are on holiday. Some of these include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • on flooring which you were not aware was unsafe
  • Injuries caused by falling objects
  • Problems caused when you are riding on public transport
  • Medical mistakes causing further injury to you
  • whilst
  • abroad
  • Diseases caught due to unsanitary conditions
  • Food poisoning from a restaurant or from your hotel
  • Accidents which happen during holiday sporting activities
  • Accidents which happen when you are in a taxi or rental car
  • Accidents caused by defective equipment

If any of these accidents happened to you while you are travelling, you are just as entitled to claim for compensation as you would be at home.

Rental Car Accidents on Holiday

Of particular relevance are accidents caused in cars rented when you are on holiday. This is because they have certain rules attached. Every rental car in the EU is subject to EU monitoring which keeps all data regarding your vehicles in one spreadsheet. If there is, or was, a fault in the car which caused your accident, you can find the car and a note of its’ parts in this database and prove harm.

Travelling outside the EU

There are still things you can do to protect your claim for compensation when accidents happen to you on holiday outside of the EU. Even though you do not have the EU regulations to help you, we can still further your case. Take photographs of the scene of the accident, get the name and number of any witnesses, and make sure you attend the hospital to create an accurate record of events. All this will help further your case when you get home.

Seeking Claim Help for Holiday Accidents

You should not try to make a claim for a holiday accident by yourself. Our legal assistance can help you with accident claims that both happened within and without your package holiday. Accidents on holiday might happen due to staff negligence in a hotel, due to trips and falls poolside, or by hygiene services which are not performed. If the hotel is not clean or the pavement is not free from debris, you can easily hurt yourself and have grounds to make a claim. We can help you pursue justice for your injuries and help you get the compensation you deserve for an accident abroad.

Were you involved in an accident abroad? Our experts at SilverOak Solicitors – Personal Injury, Housing Disrepair and Immigration Services can act on your behalf regardless of where you are located. We are a nationwide law firm that offers a personal approach.

Cultural event in Krakow – how to find an accommodation, spend the time e.t.c.?

Krakow is not only landmarks. There are a lot of cultural events happening around the city – especially in the night time, so many people are looking for a cheap place to stay.

Krakow – Wawel, Mariacki Church, Main Square, Kazimierz, Florian street…. not this time. Although the historic climate of Krakow is indeed incredible and extraordinary it might not be encouraging enough for someone to visit the city. But there is more to it than meets the eye, so everybody may find something for themselves.

Theatres in Krakow

Krakow is loaded with theatres, among others there are few which are icons, like: Slowacki’s theatre, National Old Theatre. There is something for everyone. From the classics to avant-garde. Since there is the Old Theatre, there must be a New Theatre. We can, also, find, among others, Ludowy Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Mask and “Grotesque”. There are multiple theatrical groups – which is impressive. The repertoire varies from children and teen oriented to the art connoisseur.

Younger theatrical muse

Krakow is suitable not only for the fans of the “traditional” forms of art. “Krakow Film Festival” takes place every year in the city. There also has been loud Film Music Concerts. What is worth mentioning is that Hans Zimmer will soon have a concert on Tauron Arena. That is where all the legends of film music has and will be playing. There are regular shows and concerts on Tauron Arena. The other two important cultural places are Krakow Philharmonic and Krakow Opera.

Besides the big, mass concerts, Krakow has to offer many chamber concerts form local bands. If we search through the Internet, we may find places that offer live music.

Night Life in Krakow

Let’s be honest – Krakow is not limited to the high culture only. There’s plenty of charming cafes’ and clubs. Party all night to the sound of your favourite bits? You don’t have to look hard to find yourself on a good party. That is one of the reasons why people (not only Polish) choose Krakow as a place for their bachelor of bachelorette party.


Many happenings start in the evenings, so people need a place to stay the night – preferably a hostel. Krakow is such a lovely place that is worth spending more time in, especially when we combine many cultural events into one longer stay. It makes sense to choose a hostel in the Old Town.  The atmosphere, buses and station within the walking distance, landmarks, cafes and street artists – that’s what hostel Draggo by the Gołębia street has to offer.

To go to a concert you can bring a group of friends or it may be a cool idea for a school trip. Remember, accommodation in Krakow, for a large group doesn’t have to be hard to organise, and more importantly – expensive.

Where to Go Surfing On Fuerteventura

With the many fantastic beaches of Fuerteventura and the opportunity to surf all year round, it’s not hard to see why surfing is a fairly popular activity here. Whether you’re new to the hobby or you’re looking for an intermediate surfing spot, you’ll find that there are several options available to you in this part of the Canary Islands.

Here are our top tips and advice on which beaches to go to for anyone who’s hoping to ride the waves of this beautiful destination.

General advice for those just starting out:

  • Be mindful of other surfers – if multiple people are waiting for a wave, those closer to the edge go first
  • If you’re still fairly new, it might be best to practice outside of the water to get into the groove
  • There are a variety of great surfing spots for different skill levels, so be sure to find one that’s appropriate for beginners

Where’s the best place to go surfing on Fuerteventura?

Fortunately for those who want an exciting surfing trip, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice here. A few of our top recommendations for anyone visiting Fuerteventura include El Cotillo, El Tubudero and La Caleta, all of which can be worthwhile spots for those just starting out.

More experienced surfers looking for a challenge may be interested in visiting beaches like Cyclop and Majanicho – or for really skilled individuals, the waves of Bubble and El Hierro are fantastic, particularly in winter.

In some ways, the best experience will be determined by several factors outside of where you chose to surf, like the time of year or your skill level. If you want a little more info, you could always take the time to do some research of your own on the variety of beaches here, but be mindful that you may not enjoy yourself if you choose a destination that doesn’t quite suit your needs.

All in all, there are a whole host of excellent opportunities to go surfing on Fuerteventura, which only makes it easier to have a great time.

Looking for the best caravan rentals on Fuerteventura?

Those hoping to enjoy a holiday on this beautiful island with a rental caravan will be glad to hear that finding quality, affordable options don’t have to be too complicated at all. With a site like Caravamos, you’ll have access to several different motorhomes, any of which could be ideal for your trip.

If you take the time to look into what’s on offer and pay mind to what you need, there’s a good chance that you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Best places to experience folk culture in Poland by a Polish travel agent.

Poland is vell known all over the world for its countryside character and folklore heritage. Usually, it is advertised by colourful flowery folk patterns and folk grounded music. No wonder, people who visit Poland want to see this aspect of life during their tours. There are numerous places where tourists can feel rural climate and folklore. Below we present some of the best locations by ITS Poland, renowned Polish travel agent, operating as a DMC company since 2005.

10 top folk places by ITS Polish travel agent

  1. Zalipie painted village
  2. Dunajec rafting
  3. Zakopane
  4. Szymbark
  5. Sierpc Open Air Ethnographic Museum
  6. Ethnographic
  7. Museum in Warsaw
  8. Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice
  9. Sanok Ethnographic Park
  10. Mazowsze and Śląsk Folk Groups
  11. Christmas Markets


We believe that the best way to discover a country is through experience. This is why we want to recommend folklore experiences. First of all, there is traditional Dunajec rafting cruise from Sromowce Wyzne to Szczawnica in Pieniny National Park in magnificent Dunajec River Gorge (ITS Polish travel agent recommends shorter cruise to Szczawnica). The cruise is organized on traditional wooden rafts with raftsmen clothed in folklore outfits and talking about the regional traditions, nature and culture. It is something you just have to experience if you plan to visit Cracow area. Another experience is organised in Zalipie “Painted Village”. Tourists can visit the “Painters House” and learn how to decorate various surfaces with traditional folklore flowery patterns. They can also sightsee the village full of such decorations. Moreover, most of Polish open-air ethnographic museums, located almost in all parts of Poland organise various plants harvest events when people can try many traditional occupations, gather plants on their own and taste traditional Polish dishes made of regional products.

Folk events

It is a great experience to see a folklore show by Mazowsze or Slask traditional folklore bands. Both of them are renowned internationally for promoting traditional Polish culture, music and clothes. Their tourneys are spectacular international events. Still, home headquarters of both bands are also open to tourists where they can observe music shows and take part in dancing and singing workshops. Other folklore shows are also often practiced in Zakopane area. The town has a very distinctive and characteristic highlander folklore. Here tourists can admire many live shows of highlander music and dance in numerous Zakopane restaurants, can observe traditional sheep cheese making or take part in shepherds’ activities. Folk hand made products can be admired and purchased during another type of events which are Christmas Markets. They are organized in all bigger Polish cities. The most well known are organised in Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Cracow. ITS Polish Travel Agent states that Cracow and Wroclaw Christmas Markets are the most interesting.

Ethnographic museums

Ethnographic Museums in Poland usually have two forms, they are ordinary museums usually located in big cities or open-air museums located in rural areas. The most interesting traditional ethnographic museum is located in Warsaw. It offers not only sightseeing the main exhibition, it has also rich schedule of various workshops. The most prominent open-air museums include: Sanok, Dziekanowice and Sierpc. They have in their offer live shows of various countryside activities and their exhibitions include live animals and characteristic plants. They also organise various festivals and seasonal events for tourists.

Summing up, Poland with its rich rural heritage has much to offer for all tourists interested in regional traditions and folklore. ITS Poland, local travel agent highly recommends taking part in all folklore events and visiting unique Polish ethnographic museums. Traditional folklore hand made products are also indispensable souvenirs from Poland. If you got interested in any of the folklore aspects presented in various sights of Poland, please contact ITS Polish travel agent to find out what is the best way to discover Poland and its culture. Let’s start a big adventure still today!

Renting a luxury property in Italy is not just for the wealthy

Italy is one of the best destinations for a perfect holiday. The sea, the great food, but also nice people, delicious wines, charming nature and monuments that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Traveling to Italy is fabulous, but in most cases, people choose to stay in a hotel near the sea and enjoy the holiday with thousands of other people.

Renting a property in Italy is convenient and economical

If you want to enjoy Italy like never before, rent a holiday house. If you think that this option is reserved only for the wealthiest of people, well, then you are wrong. It is becoming more and more popular, because a holiday house provides for an amazing, but also very affordable holiday. Recreational properties in Italy are listed at portal. It is the best website for finding rentable homes in this beautiful country. You can choose from hundreds of beautiful properties and sort them according to requirements. You simply choose the date of your vacation, a suitable property and then you can enjoy your dream vacation. Holidays in Italy are no longer necessarily just crowds of tourists. Finally, you will enjoy privacy with your beloved half or with your family. If you are traveling with a large number of people, renting a property is also less costly.

Find a suitable property

Thanks to the above-mentioned website, finding a suitable property is quite easy. Just select the area you are heading to, the number of guests and the required date, confirm the search and all available properties will pop out. Of course, there is also a more detailed filter, which allows you to search for property by price, equipment, etc. If you want the best, you can rent a luxury villa by the sea with a giant pool. Choose a property and arrange for your partner or the whole family a holiday they’ll never forger.

How to properly pack on the road?

Holiday packing is always a little nervous about it. You’re really trying to pack everything because you never know what you need. If you are traveling for three days or a week, usually the suitcase does not differ much, you have a few extra pieces of clothing. When you forget something, do not despair, prices are now affordable and almost everything can be bought.