Rotterdam – what places to visit here?

Rotterdam – what places to visit here?

When traveling, you often find places that are not so popular with tourists, but they can still offer a lot. When tourists decide to head to Holland, it is usually a popular tourist destination in Amsterdam, which will offer them a lot.

Other cities are a bit overlooked, which is a great shame. For example, when Rotterdam is mentioned, it is the largest European port. It offers many other interesting things.

Second biggest city

In the Netherlands, it is the second largest city and also has the largest European ports. It is a city of culture, and it is also a city of great historical significance. Here you can visit many interesting things and new things. What else to visit?

The Euromast Tower

It is the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. A magnificent panoramic view of not only the city but also the far-flung landscape is a hundred meters away. Trend lovers can be driven out by a Euroscope, which is a rotating lift that exits another 85 meters higher.

Dutch markets

In Rotterdam you can visit one of the largest markets in the Netherlands at all. There are about 465 stalls where you can find almost everything to see. Clothes, flowers, food, and the like.

Arboretum Trompenburg

Nature lovers in the Trompenburg botanical gardens will be in paradise. They can admire various kinds of trees, perennials, tubers, shrubs and the like. You can find it on seven hectares and if you want to relax from the rush of the city, then this is the right place.


In Blaaks Bos you will find Kijk-Kubus, which are fully furnished demonstration houses. There would be nothing special about it if they were not in the shape of a cube. In the author’s concept, individual cubes represent trees and the whole complex is actually a forest. He wanted to create a village in the city, a safe harbor.