Behind the skiing to the Alps

Behind the skiing to the Alps

There is a time when you need to slowly pull the skis out of the cellar, prepare for a new winter season and hurry for a skiing! By yourself or with your family – you will certainly enjoy it.

Where to ski here this year?

There is a winter season and all snow lovers can not wait to go skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding – just get off the mountains to enjoy the snow after a year. Most of them definitely have their favorite ski resort, but why not try something else and go to the new ski resort and get new experiences? Or do you decide to go out for a good skiing trip with your family? We bring you three of the most popular ski resorts that are quite accessible to us, all of them in the Alps.

Four valleys

There are a total of 330 tracks in this Swiss area. It is the most popular freeride resort in Europe. However, it is of course also suitable for families with children. If you have decided to enjoy your holiday and not look for money, you will find luxury hotels and cottages, great restaurants and boutiques right on the premises. Everybody will definitely choose here. But if you can not afford a luxury hotel, Thyon 2000 is also on the opposite side of the area.


It is one of the closest French ski areas dominated by Aiguille de Midi with an altitude of 3,842 m. Chamomix leads directly to Aiguille di Midi, the second highest cableway in the Alps. There is a mountaineering tradition developed and even here in 1924 the first Olympic Games were held.

St. Morric

It is known that the Swiss Sv. Moric is only for the rich – but it’s been a rumor for a long time. It is an ideal place for families with children. It is difficult to choose the best of all slopes. Directly from Sv. Marcice runs two cableways to the Corviglia – Piz Nair – Marguns area where up to 80 km of tracks are located. Most tracks are marked red and black. The longest ski slope is 7 km long.

In any case, you must not forget one of the most important things – the proper equipment, without which it is definitely not good skiing.