Looking for Scotland

Looking for Scotland

What do you think of when you say Scotland? Many people immediately think of a fine golden whiskey or a bagpipe bagpipe and a classic Scottish kilt. Yes, this is part of Scotland’s main “cultural facilities”. However, this country can offer us much more – especially its beautiful landscape and nature, which is also littered with many castles with rich history and architecture. This and much more – that’s Scotland.

We have cattle even in common with our Celtic origin, and so we can also find certain consistency in character traits. Scots are known for their hospitality, creativity and sense of humor. But they are also great patriots who care about nature and their surroundings, and so are also fans of gentle travel, for example by using electric cars to avoid exhausting steam.

Many tourists to Scotland travel “on their own”. It is actually such a type of sport, when young people, mostly young people, choose to travel as a hitchhiking and their travel adventure begins before they even leave the border of our country.

And for such “independent” travelers, Scotland is absolutely ideal because it is fully prepared for them. You can stay here in many cheap hostels or hostels designed for them, and if you need advice on where to go for the beauty of this country, everyone will be happy to give you advice and advice, because it is up to them to feel comfortable and contentedly.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, which you must absolutely visit if you are considering visiting Scotland. You will find everything you can imagine. It has its historical core, but also cultural and romantic background for couples, but also cultural activities for young people. You will find everything here.

However, in the very north of Scotland you can find one of the most famous islands of Eynhallow, which is surrounded by many myths and superstitions that are worth seeing if it attracts you mystically. So take a trip and enjoy moments outside of the ordinary reality.