MonthNovember 2021

Cultural event in Krakow – how to find an accommodation, spend the time e.t.c.?

Krakow is not only landmarks. There are a lot of cultural events happening around the city – especially in the night time, so many people are looking for a cheap place to stay.

Krakow – Wawel, Mariacki Church, Main Square, Kazimierz, Florian street…. not this time. Although the historic climate of Krakow is indeed incredible and extraordinary it might not be encouraging enough for someone to visit the city. But there is more to it than meets the eye, so everybody may find something for themselves.

Theatres in Krakow

Krakow is loaded with theatres, among others there are few which are icons, like: Slowacki’s theatre, National Old Theatre. There is something for everyone. From the classics to avant-garde. Since there is the Old Theatre, there must be a New Theatre. We can, also, find, among others, Ludowy Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Mask and “Grotesque”. There are multiple theatrical groups – which is impressive. The repertoire varies from children and teen oriented to the art connoisseur.

Younger theatrical muse

Krakow is suitable not only for the fans of the “traditional” forms of art. “Krakow Film Festival” takes place every year in the city. There also has been loud Film Music Concerts. What is worth mentioning is that Hans Zimmer will soon have a concert on Tauron Arena. That is where all the legends of film music has and will be playing. There are regular shows and concerts on Tauron Arena. The other two important cultural places are Krakow Philharmonic and Krakow Opera.

Besides the big, mass concerts, Krakow has to offer many chamber concerts form local bands. If we search through the Internet, we may find places that offer live music.

Night Life in Krakow

Let’s be honest – Krakow is not limited to the high culture only. There’s plenty of charming cafes’ and clubs. Party all night to the sound of your favourite bits? You don’t have to look hard to find yourself on a good party. That is one of the reasons why people (not only Polish) choose Krakow as a place for their bachelor of bachelorette party.


Many happenings start in the evenings, so people need a place to stay the night – preferably a hostel. Krakow is such a lovely place that is worth spending more time in, especially when we combine many cultural events into one longer stay. It makes sense to choose a hostel in the Old Town.  The atmosphere, buses and station within the walking distance, landmarks, cafes and street artists – that’s what hostel Draggo by the Gołębia street has to offer.

To go to a concert you can bring a group of friends or it may be a cool idea for a school trip. Remember, accommodation in Krakow, for a large group doesn’t have to be hard to organise, and more importantly – expensive.

Bronze treasure of Southeast Asia – Bagan

Bagan, formerly known as Pagan is an ancient city in the state of Myanmar (until 1989 called Burma). It is located near the Irrawaddy River, the largest stream in Myanmar, and about 180 km southwest of Mandalay. Bagan has experienced many names, such as “Arid Place” or “Bronze Land”, which refers to the local extreme arid climate zone: Tadesse.

At the height of its glory, up to 10,000 temples

According to the Burmese chronicles, the city was founded in the 2nd century AD.
During its heyday, between the 9th and 13th centuries, Bagan was the capital of the Pagan Empire, which later united the areas belonging to modern Myanmar (Burma) and thus formed the first outlines of today’s state.

At that time, there were over 10,000 temples and about 2,200 have survived to the present day.
However, between the 14th and 18th centuries, people completely left this place. It was said that Bagan was ruled by evil spirits (Nata) and people were afraid to enter.
Only after the British came to the area did the Burmese slowly begin to return.

How best to discover over 2000 temples in an area of 42 km2? After all on a bike!

Probably the most authentic way to enjoy the charm of this place is to simply rent a bike and drive through Bagan. However, don’t expect an e-bike here. Rather, you will be driving through a reddish sandy landscape on something that will probably best resemble the old wheels of our grandfathers.
But the experience is worth it.

You will see magnificent temples like Ananda Pahto, or you can watch the sunset from the upper terrace at Pyathada Paya and when you long for peace and solitude you can always find your little temple in this vast place, where you will have a chance to discover that special peace of mind this magical place has to offer. Bagan sought to be inscribed on the UNESCO list for a long time and finally succeeded in 2019.