On vacation in winter – where to go?

On vacation in winter – where to go?

You usually drive on holiday during the summer. It’s vacation time, kids have holidays, it’s warm, so go to the sea or elsewhere is the easiest. However, it is often more expensive to rent in summer. And what if you want to look in the far regions? To places where there is really hot weather in the summer and the high season trip is definitely not recommended. Where to spend a winter holiday?

In winter on vacation

If you are not a true fan of winter, snow and frost, then it is the perfect time to pack and go to the hot spots. In these regions, it will not be as warm as in the summer season, but it will be pleasant, much better than in the home where temperatures reach zero or sometimes below. Where to look in the winter and enjoy a great holiday?

Costa Rica

In the winter months there are pleasant 27 degrees, which will surely appreciate the lovers of heat. There is a dry period from December to April, so do not worry about bad weather. Enjoy beautiful and breathtaking beaches, unspoilt nature and wildlife. Whoever likes to travel and on one holiday combines sea, beaches and excursions, Costa Rica is the ideal place for him.


Bali is a beautiful island located in the tropics. The dry season is there from the end of March until the end of November, when there may be a temperature of up to 35 degrees. In the rainy season (mid-December to mid-March) it rains, especially at night. The temperature is pleasant 27 degrees. The best time to visit is from mid-March to June and from September to December.


Mauritius is about 900 kilometers east of Madagascar. In Mauritius you are heading for beautiful and fine white sand, clear water, greenery or waterfalls. Ideal is the time to visit from November to April, and in January there is a more pleasant and sometimes dull.