MonthMarch 2023

Perfect recreation for the whole family

A walk to the zoo, a trip to the beach, a relaxing spa treatment, or a board game to play together? The list of ideas can be endless when planning a family activity. But here’s a real treat:

The escape room

If you’re looking for a fun and unusual activity, check out one of the best offline solutions for team games. A wide variety of escape rooms offer a great way of relaxing for almost all ages. Since players can form teams, different age groups can be paired together. So all members of the family can join in the adventure. You can think of it as a nice Sunday afternoon board game, only in an exciting location that makes the game special for everyone. Escape rooms are cooperative adventures for your family!

Team play or individual play?

Classic board games are in the vast majority of cases played for an individual goal that if one player is the first to achieve, they win. So it’s about the participants competing with each other during the entire game. Unfortunately, during the game, it can sometimes even happen that players disagree and even argue with each other.

Escape room tasks are based on close team cooperation. The best skills of each member are needed. They start together and if they fail to solve the puzzles cooperatively, they get stuck together in the process. They can only move forward if they can work together to find solutions. Then they will have shared success, which they will achieve together.

How family-friendly is an escape room?

Most people who have never been to one, and have only heard about it through hearsay and internet videos, are familiar with the classic scary escape rooms. A few years ago, they might have been. But nowadays, a myriad of themed and game-based places are being set up by expert owners. So there’s no need to think that escaping is all about unbridled horror scares. In most cases, this is not the case at all. Rather, a series of playful puzzles and riddles await young and old alike in a uniquely exciting location.

Age-Related Escape

There are also escape rooms where there are age limits for the type of game you can play. It usually depends on the difficulty or scariness of the tasks or the adult theme. Of course, these rooms are only open to those who have reached the age indicated.

However, most play areas are available for almost all ages. The games, even if easier, offer an exciting program for children aged over 10-12. Experience shows that children younger than this are less likely to be engaged. Of course, there are exceptions. It depends on the child’s temperament, skills, interests, and maturity. What can be said, however, is that often, when a group of adults is stuck on a task, the youngest children are the quickest to throw in the perfect solution. Therefore, it is useful to have a few children around if you want to play a successful game. That way, family success is guaranteed.

After all, escape rooms are truly family-friendly and offer a fun pastime for the whole family. If you’ve never tried them, it is worth scheduling one of these unusual board games. It’s guaranteed to be fun for everyone in the family.