Visit the Volcano Country – Auvergne

Visit the Volcano Country – Auvergne

It’s summer, holidays and travel. Do you want to travel beyond the weekend? We have a tip for an unconventional destination where you will not squeak in a crowd of tourists and expect unforgettable experiences for you.


This mountainous part of the country lies in the very center of France. It belongs among its poorest parts, but boasts charming nature, clean air, exceptional flora and fauna. It is the oldest and largest national park in Europe, founded in 1977. It has preserved the breathtaking beauty of nature with a northern, as if slightly thoughtful landscape.


this area of ​​France began to be written in the 1st century BC, historically important provinces were established in the early Middle Ages. There has been one of the most famous battles of French history, when the Gauls defeated the army of Julius Caesar.

Countries heterogeneous

In this part of France, volcanoes once erupted, making huge forested hills, volcanic lakes, even volcanic national parks. Due to geological change, the landscape has hills suitable for exits and sightseeing, and winter ski slopes. Adrenaline lovers can try paragliding. Those who enjoy traditional summer sports can explore Auvergne by bike or by car or go through one of the many hiking trails. Suitable months for these activities are between April and October, then the real winter is here.

Clemmont – Ferrand

It is the capital of this area and definitely also worth a visit. It is a city full of history, monuments and culture. One of the most significant buildings of this magnificent ornate city is the Notre-damedu Port, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is built of a special kind of arcade sandstone, which gives the building a typical color of daffodils. There are plenty of other sights in the city, as well as shopping centers, restaurants, bars, discos and other attractions to help with the economy of this exciting country.

How to get there?

The closest big city is Lyon, which, of course, can be reached by air. Lyon is connected with Clemont-Ferrand by local bus lines, but it is possible to rent a car. If you go to Auvergne by your own car from Prague, a no-column journey should take you about 14 hours. Happy journey!