Sydney is a bit different, or you do not know about Sydney

Sydney is a bit different, or you do not know about Sydney

Seeing Sydney is a dream of many tourists, but what is Sydney from the viewpoint of the Czech who lived here for several years?

Let’s start with some facts, Sydney lies on the east coast of New South Wales and is the largest city in Australia, with nearly 5 million inhabitants. The fact that it is the largest city does not even guarantee that it is also the capital city, the city of Canberra.

And now to this amazing city itself. Each one of you knows the famous Opera House, which is a true gem of architecture and amazing construction. Few people know that this nearly 50-year-old building has been just a few times away from stopping the building, be it because of a multiple budget overrun (the original budget was $ 8 million and was eventually exceeded by more than 10 x), or because leading construction engineers have not known for many years the construction of so many well-known arches of the Opera, it was finally solved by the architect of the entire construction of Dan Utzon. It is interesting that he himself has never seen the completed construction of the Opera with his own eyes.
For Australians, Opera is not the only symbol of Sydney, the adjacent bridge, the monumental Harbor Bridge, which opposes the Opera and co-opted to be the world’s finest harbor. This bridge, by the way, has recently celebrated its 75th birthday and can be seen from the New Year’s Fireworks of Sydney.

I must say that if you do not go around the Opera every day to work, so after 5 years it is still amazing to stand in this harbor and enjoy a wonderful view. For the lesser-known tourist is the second port in the heart of Darling Harbor, where you will find plenty of famous bars and restaurants with fish specialties.

An interesting feature here is the largest cinema screen Imax in the world where you can enjoy 3D movies in full brilliance. Tourists also admire the local Monorail (a monorail train) that gently slopes overhead and easily escapes traffic jams. It was built on the occasion of the OH 2000, which took place in Sydney.

Darling Harbor is overcrowded to celebrate the Australian National Holiday, celebrated here quite differently than in the Czech Republic, Australians go to the streets and show their national pride, the whole city pulsates with life, every corner of the Australian flag and eve