What to pack on a van

Maybe you do not call it a vandr, maybe a jump, a trip, or an expedition. It’s been quite a matter of years since I graduated. I’m rather sorry, but Holt with adulthood is coming up with other activities and worries. Here are my tips for taking a few days out in nature.
In the introduction I will mention one fundamental rule.

How to save on tickets?

Nowadays, travelers wish to travel, so you can get tickets for a few crowns today. Just know a few tricks, have some luck and you can fly to London in a few hundred or to big and distant cities at more than favorable prices. How to save on tickets? We have some tips to share with you!

Museum of Modern Art – Guggenheim Museum

For over ten years, the world-famous Bilbao has dominated a world-famous building. The journey from the center or from the bus station leads to the Nervión River, where the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao) is an imposing building from the architect Frank Gehry.

New York has the Statue of Liberty, Paris Eiffel Tower, and Spanish or Basque Bilbao has since 1997 this masterpiece. Rising from the industrial, unpretentious North African port city of tourists, it has become one of the most visited cities in the country behind the Pyrenees.
At first, every visitor attracts the “puppy”, the author of which is American artist Jeff Koons. It is an amazing 13 meter high sculpture covered with flowers inside which is a built-in irrigation system. Another object that attracts everyone is a giant spider named Maman by the French artist Louise Bourgeois.

I had little time, and so I only looked out of the interior of the building with a huge atrium that is 55 meters high at the heart of the museum. I studied the building of the museum above all, and I quietly marveled over the architect’s incredible imagination and admired a variety of colors that reflect the titanium lining, limestone masonry and glass.

Beautiful views of this architectural gem, which the Guggenheim Museum is conspicuous, are also available from the Puente de la Salve Bridge. The silvery shine of this breathtaking building reflects the river’s waters. On one side of the bridge there is a tower to remind the sail and, on the other hand, the other buildings of the Guggenheim Museum, which create the idea of ​​a ship.

When visiting internal expositions, you need to reserve enough time for this. There is a permanent collection of the museum, including the works of prominent artists of the second half of the 20th century, among others Andy Warhol, Rosenquist, Rauschenberg, de Kooning, Antoni Tàpiese and others.

On vacation in winter – where to go?

You usually drive on holiday during the summer. It’s vacation time, kids have holidays, it’s warm, so go to the sea or elsewhere is the easiest. However, it is often more expensive to rent in summer. And what if you want to look in the far regions? To places where there is really hot weather in the summer and the high season trip is definitely not recommended. Where to spend a winter holiday?