Pendolino versus classic train

Pendolino versus classic train

I’m not a man who would like to travel, not even by bus or train. I like driving a car, but that’s probably all.

Nobody can wonder why I have only recently discovered the possibilities of better traveling with ČD, a.s., namely Pendolin.

To Pendolino, in this case a train called Super City, you have to buy a ticket for 200 crowns, which might deter a lot of people. A higher price may be the reason for choosing a different connection, but on the other hand, the enjoyment of travel and the total journey time can not be compared with another normal train.

The seat determines the car number and seat. Unlike classic wagons, there are only three people sitting next to each other, two places, a lane and one place on the other. The seats are wider, each has its own armrests, and each passenger also has a table tilted from the seat in front of him.

On the train there is a better tilting and cushioning system, so a person does not even know how to ride, classic rushing does not exist, as well as noise, quiet air conditioning. A station report was heard from the on-board radio station, before the arrival in Prague, as a warning to the Vltava.

Doors in the entire train, including those on the toilet and between the wagons, open themselves or the button next to them. This is a convenient way to go to the Bistro car where passengers can pay for hot food or other refreshments and drinks. Approximately two-thirds of the trip (according to my estimation), a wheelchair with another refreshment passes by train. Other conveniences, such as power-operated window blinds, I do not even mention.

In the first class, drinks and newspapers are free, each with a 230V socket. The only thing that disappointed me is the absence of an Internet connection across the train, but that should change next year.

Classic fast
While Pendolino travels 351 kilometers 2 hours and 57 minutes, the fast car travels only 169 kilometers for the same time.

After transferring from Prague to Budějovice, luxuriant, I sat in the coupe and only after sitting down he found out that the seat was all made of sand, probably from the boots of another traveler. Few places, dirt. Yes, dirt. I know that these trains are old, but when one is afraid to lean or pull on the curtain, it is not exactly ideal.

The wagon was throwing me from side to side and rubbing it in a way that prevented any activity except reading and listening to music. Simply writing on the keyboard is quite impossible. It is a fact that the train also traveled through a refreshment carriage, by the way, more expensive than in Pendolin, but it will no longer save the impression from the road.

That is why I suggest deploying better trains on all routes, throwing all the green ones into scrap and providing at least some medium level of travel. And I’m certainly not alone, who is willing to pay for it.