Flying with children – how to handle it without difficulty?


Holiday is a time of rest and peace. But if you have a baby at home, then you are hesitant about whether to go on vacation at all. And fly the plane? For someone unthinkable. But children can do flying well, and because you will fly them regularly from an early age, then adulthood will not be a problem for them.

Traveling with babies and young children

With such children, it is easy to handle both short and long flights. You know exactly what your child is and you know what he can do and can not do. A bunch of children can fly a few times a year. What should be done for children? How can you manage less children without caramel and crying?


Children under two do not need a ticket, prices are really low, you pay about 10% of the price of the classic ticket. Some airlines offer different benefits for children up to the age of twelve. Within two years, children do not have their own seat, have a lower baggage weight limit, and can not take hand baggage. Children are staying on the lap or in the arms of their parents.

Cabin luggage

With your kids going aside your things, you’re minimizing them. You need passports, wallets, phones, chargers, and the like. However, you need to think about the baby and the clothes for him. You rightly assume you can whine, drop anything, and you have to take things to disguise. Necessities are also diapers and children’s food. Food would be a separate chapter, if you have a baby or a small child, you can take liquids and baby food to the plane.

Important safety

Within two years, children do not have their own seat, and therefore you get a special seat belt that you attach to yours. When taking off and landing, there is certainly a problem with pressure equalization in your ears. If you are breast-feeding, it helps the baby just to breastfeed. Children over two years can suck candy.