MonthApril 2018

Region of romance – Provence

Who would not know the romantic Provence? Who would not know at least photographs, lavender fields, beautiful landscapes, romantic streets of cities? The country style of home interiors in Provence has become an almost fashionable style in our country. Let’s take a look at the holiday and holiday season to see if it really is worth visiting this corner of our planet.

Digital nomad – what is it?

When it comes to digital nomads or digital nomads, lots of people are still shooting. He does not know what to imagine under that concept. The older generation can not understand it, it is important for them to define strictly and clearly defined working hours and the content of the work. When you start digitizing, you start to live on your own shirt and you are basically constantly on the go. And you’re working on it!

Hallstatt, a city of thriller

I read a well-written book detective series by French writer Bernard Minier. In the fourth volume called Night, the town of Hallstatt appears several times. It serves as a hiding place for one of the main characters of the novel – to teach and the multiple murderer of Julian Hirtman.