Digital nomad – what is it?

Digital nomad – what is it?

When it comes to digital nomads or digital nomads, lots of people are still shooting. He does not know what to imagine under that concept. The older generation can not understand it, it is important for them to define strictly and clearly defined working hours and the content of the work. When you start digitizing, you start to live on your own shirt and you are basically constantly on the go. And you’re working on it!

Work and fun

Modern digital nomads today use modern technology and the time when there are professions where you do not need to be strictly closed in the office. Every year there are more and more individuals who spend half a year in the Czech Republic, and in the winter, when it is harsh, cold or snow, they are moving elsewhere, such as Canaries, Bali or any other country where the heat is.

It is a trend that is growing, evolving and growing steadily. For the employer, it is also an advantage in some ways because office costs and office space do not have to be paid. For employees this means freedom and freedom. They have a certain deadline for submitting their work. And no matter if they write to her early in the morning, at night or in the afternoon, whether it’s at home, at a desk, on the beach or under a parasol at the bar.

Who is a digital nomad?

A person who lives on the Internet and moves from one destination to another for a long time. This means that, for example, during the year, he stops at home only a few times, the rest of the year travels. Otherwise, he works for a while from England, then moves to Cyprus, Portugal, Bali or Sweden.

It’s an independent person who only needs a notebook, a cellphone, an internet connection, and electricity. Most often, they are addicts, web designers, copywriters, PR managers, freelancers, employees, or entrepreneurs. It can be any profession where you do not have to go to the office regularly.