Diving with sharks and dugongs – that’s Marsa Alam

Diving with sharks and dugongs – that’s Marsa Alam

Halfway between Hurghada and the Sudanese borders, the Marsa Alam region of Egypt is located.

Just two decades ago, you could only come across a fishing line, and today you can spend the dream vacation in the same place.
Tourists at the least affected by the Marsa Alam resort are the main attraction for divers. In the nearby bays you will find interesting animals that may take your breath away. And literally.

But there is nothing to worry about in Egypt. Even a shark will not hurt you here. The sea is still well maintained and the water more transparent than other Egyptian resorts. It’s what to look forward to.

In Abu Dabbah you will meet dugongs and other “animals”
Abu Dabbah Bay is located near Marsa Alam. You will be able to get there easily, usually a trip is taken care of by a travel agency. If you snorkel in the water, you will have a colorful underwater spectacle.


The exotic world will guide you through an endemic rosette, a raccoon or a raccoon raccoon. Although the names of these animals may seem unknown to you, local people know very well about them. You can not overlook them in water because of their colored bodies.

What you will not miss, however, are the cows of the sea – dugongs. They are mammals of enormous size, but they do not live too deep underwater. If you go to Marsa Alam for the last minute, you will definitely meet Dugongs. In the sea they are about 1 to 10 meters deep. You can easily find them by the circles that form on the water just as dugong floats to the surface.


Underwater you may also see a guitar shark. Divers are confused with a skewer, and they have similar features. The shark usually frightens people, but its bloodthirsty tastes are more of a myth than a reality. At least in Marsa Alam this is true.