Nordic countries – where to go on a trip?

Nordic countries – where to go on a trip?

Do you want to go somewhere on an interesting trip, but do you like those classical and touristically frequented destinations? No Greece, Adriatic or Spain, but do you want to know other places? Try the Nordic countries who can offer a lot. We offer several interesting tourist sites, which are definitely worth a visit!

Norway – Bergen

Norway is a very beautiful Nordic country that can offer many, such as Bergen, the second largest city. Every day there is a fish market where you can buy really excellent fish, which you can then prepare. You can climb the top of Fløyen by funicular and you will have a wonderful view when the weather is nice. In Bergen, one never knows how the weather is, the rainfall is very common here. Just for interest, there is really a lot of rain here, five times more than in Prague. Waterproof jacket, umbrella or raincoat definitely with you!

Sweden – Abisko National Park

In Sweden you will find one of Europe’s oldest national parks. It is a relatively accessible place, you can find both the main road and the railway. The location of Abisko has a fairly good tourist base, you can find information centers, hotels, camps and the like. The park has beautiful flower meadows, waterfalls, and so on. The roads are fairly well marked, so you can safely go for a trip in the national park. You can see here reindeer, eagles. Somewhere in the national park live bears, who mostly remain secluded.

Denmark – Kronborg

This interest can be found in Helsingør. It is one of the best Renaissance buildings in Europe, it is just being listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The history of this castle has always been linked to the shipping operation of Øresund. The chateau stands directly on the seafront and was founded in the late Middle Ages. In the 17th century there was a large reconstruction due to a fire. It was here that the English writer William Shakespeare plotted Hamlet’s story.