Best places to experience folk culture in Poland by a Polish travel agent.

Best places to experience folk culture in Poland by a Polish travel agent.

Poland is vell known all over the world for its countryside character and folklore heritage. Usually, it is advertised by colourful flowery folk patterns and folk grounded music. No wonder, people who visit Poland want to see this aspect of life during their tours. There are numerous places where tourists can feel rural climate and folklore. Below we present some of the best locations by ITS Poland, renowned Polish travel agent, operating as a DMC company since 2005.

10 top folk places by ITS Polish travel agent

  1. Zalipie painted village
  2. Dunajec rafting
  3. Zakopane
  4. Szymbark
  5. Sierpc Open Air Ethnographic Museum
  6. Ethnographic
  7. Museum in Warsaw
  8. Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice
  9. Sanok Ethnographic Park
  10. Mazowsze and Śląsk Folk Groups
  11. Christmas Markets


We believe that the best way to discover a country is through experience. This is why we want to recommend folklore experiences. First of all, there is traditional Dunajec rafting cruise from Sromowce Wyzne to Szczawnica in Pieniny National Park in magnificent Dunajec River Gorge (ITS Polish travel agent recommends shorter cruise to Szczawnica). The cruise is organized on traditional wooden rafts with raftsmen clothed in folklore outfits and talking about the regional traditions, nature and culture. It is something you just have to experience if you plan to visit Cracow area. Another experience is organised in Zalipie “Painted Village”. Tourists can visit the “Painters House” and learn how to decorate various surfaces with traditional folklore flowery patterns. They can also sightsee the village full of such decorations. Moreover, most of Polish open-air ethnographic museums, located almost in all parts of Poland organise various plants harvest events when people can try many traditional occupations, gather plants on their own and taste traditional Polish dishes made of regional products.

Folk events

It is a great experience to see a folklore show by Mazowsze or Slask traditional folklore bands. Both of them are renowned internationally for promoting traditional Polish culture, music and clothes. Their tourneys are spectacular international events. Still, home headquarters of both bands are also open to tourists where they can observe music shows and take part in dancing and singing workshops. Other folklore shows are also often practiced in Zakopane area. The town has a very distinctive and characteristic highlander folklore. Here tourists can admire many live shows of highlander music and dance in numerous Zakopane restaurants, can observe traditional sheep cheese making or take part in shepherds’ activities. Folk hand made products can be admired and purchased during another type of events which are Christmas Markets. They are organized in all bigger Polish cities. The most well known are organised in Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Cracow. ITS Polish Travel Agent states that Cracow and Wroclaw Christmas Markets are the most interesting.

Ethnographic museums

Ethnographic Museums in Poland usually have two forms, they are ordinary museums usually located in big cities or open-air museums located in rural areas. The most interesting traditional ethnographic museum is located in Warsaw. It offers not only sightseeing the main exhibition, it has also rich schedule of various workshops. The most prominent open-air museums include: Sanok, Dziekanowice and Sierpc. They have in their offer live shows of various countryside activities and their exhibitions include live animals and characteristic plants. They also organise various festivals and seasonal events for tourists.

Summing up, Poland with its rich rural heritage has much to offer for all tourists interested in regional traditions and folklore. ITS Poland, local travel agent highly recommends taking part in all folklore events and visiting unique Polish ethnographic museums. Traditional folklore hand made products are also indispensable souvenirs from Poland. If you got interested in any of the folklore aspects presented in various sights of Poland, please contact ITS Polish travel agent to find out what is the best way to discover Poland and its culture. Let’s start a big adventure still today!