What to pack on a van

What to pack on a van

Maybe you do not call it a vandr, maybe a jump, a trip, or an expedition. It’s been quite a matter of years since I graduated. I’m rather sorry, but Holt with adulthood is coming up with other activities and worries. Here are my tips for taking a few days out in nature.
In the introduction I will mention one fundamental rule.

At first I did not listen to the advice of the elders and many times I did not pay for it until I had to come by myself:
What you get in your backpack will be on your back all the time.

Clear and simple, I may have been able to capture and highlight it. All possible things seem to be important when packing, they can be useful, you can not do without them … All those needs for campers, such as completely unnecessary and in collapsed state, a pretty bulk or even tent! Nonsense. Grass and land are soft enough for overnight stays. And when it’s raining, it’s always something to do – like sleep all night, and creep under the poor protection of deciduous trees.

No, now seriously. These things are either bulky or heavy, and after a few experiences, I found out that I did not get around well with them.

My list looks like this:

KPZ or The Last Rescue Box. It’s any pocket size package containing various important things; you can find somewhere somewhere on the web. A medical patch, a miniature pencil, a small pencil, a needle and thread for sewing, matches, etc. Just such nonsense, which, of course, does not take up too much space, and they can sometimes throw in some situations. I have always combined it with the medicine kit (basic medication, patch, dressing).
Matches and lighter. I wore both because the fire must be.
Sleeping bag. Yes, he must also be.
Eshus for food.
And, of course, the food. Disease. A lot of heavy cans are not pleasant on the back.
Flashlight (reading lamp). Functional and with new batteries.
Bottle of liquids (drinking).
Cards. They are not necessary for survival, but when waiting for a train, it is good.
Clothes. Minimum! Not a few pants, just what I’m wearing plus something if I hit the cold or the wet (replacement socks fit).
Hygienic needs, but only for a longer journey. No, the shower is not in the woods. And water from the spring (or in the river, different ponds, etc.) Toilet paper is sometimes good.
There is also a map sometimes.
And papers.
That’s about everything. There is not much and everything fits in the backpack just a little bigger than the size of the back. Still better than when you sleep down your sleeping bag, the plastic bottle and the whole backpack are over your head.

My list does not differ much from similar lists published on Scout sites and other sites. There is no replacement shoe (nonsense), raincoat, costume (logically), and other things that make sense only in that particular community.

So a happy journey with minimal effort.