Where are the best beers in the world?

Where are the best beers in the world?

When it comes to beer, a lot of people, especially Czechs, agree that the best is in the Czech Republic. Beer is the oldest drink in the world and its consumption is third, after tea and classic water. The oldest beer recipe is over four thousand years old and is the work of the Sumerians. So how is it where the beer is best?

The Biggest Consumers

If there is any primacy in the Czech Republic that will not surprise anyone, then it is just the consumption of beer. In it the Czech Republic reigns. Not only can we consume the beer, but we also get to the top ten of the world’s best beer ladder. Specifically, we are in third place.

Country with the best beer:

Czech Republic
As you can see, better beer is brewed only in Germany or Belgium. Ranking is, of course, subjective, composed by people from all over the world, based on the taste of the beer itself. An interesting fact is that the Czech beer was awarded at the World Beer Awards, which takes place every year and is a tasting competition. And that is the moravian Brewery Litovel.

Beer from Han

From the international jury, two Litovel beer prices were awarded. The brewery celebrated a success among the lazy lagers of the Czech type, where they won the bronze medal. In the category of Bavarian-type yeast wheat beers he addressed a wheat lager, which even reigned the national round. Although production in the Czech Republic is made up of 90 percent light beer of Pilsen type, other breweries can also be attracted.

Today, traveling can not do without tasting the best that a given country offers. In France, you will definitely try wine along with cheeses, and in Germany or Belgium you will enjoy the best beer in the world. What beers do you like?